In Scotland, 1924

When a man is arrested with an unconscious boy in his car, Detectives MacKenzie and Gow embark on a quest that will uncover the Child of the Moon. A fact they’ll both come to regret.

A slow-burning horror mystery that will alter the lives of all those involved. She will leave you pining...

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About Aron Silver

Aron Silver is an award-winning author from The Netherlands. His debut novel is titled Child of the Moon and is a slow-burning horror mystery set in Scotland, 1924. It won the Gold Modal in the Horror Category of the Global Book Awards.

As part of his research, Aron travelled to the town of Crieff, Scotland, to discover the area in which the novel takes place, including a visit to the Strathearn Community Library where he consulted the newspaper archives on microfilm to be able to create an authentic representation of the era.

Currently, he’s working on his next novel, Mrs. Cleyton. It will be a psychological thriller set near Lewes, England.


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